“A light but incredibly tricky quiz with twists and turns that will surely pique the car geek in you!”


Test the knowledge of the students in the field of automobile. The students should have the knowledge in automobile history, personalities, technology, companies, vehicle specifications, statistics of vehicles and automobile subjects.

  • Maximum 3 members per team.
  • Students should not carry smart phones and laptop.
  • Team will be eliminated in each rounds based on your marks.
Preliminary  Paper pen test(related to automobile subjects
Round 1 Find the X( 1 question carries 10 marks, time: 30 seconds)
Round 2 Rapid fire ( Each question carries 5 marks..25, time: 10 seconds for each questions)
Round 3 Photo quiz(1 question carries 10 marks, time: 30 seconds)
Prize Selection
  • Based on your team marks in final round.
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