Efficycle drive excellence

This event is an opportunity to drive our three wheel hybrid vehicle called as EFFICYCLE done as project by our students in the past academic year. Two or one driver is allowed at a time to drive this exciting vehicle in a efficient manner inside the track made by us in a Zig Zag manner. The ability of the driver to steer the Tride in a skillfull is the task to achieved.

  • First round: The first round has a track with less difficulty in means of turnings and obstacles.
  • Final round: The final round has much more tough track . Particularly the timing plays a vital part in selecting the winners
  • Entry Rs.30 per Team (2 persons)
  • The vehicle has to handled in elegant way , any damaging of vehicle or rough handling is prohibited.
  • Exist of vehicle from the track leads to disqualification.
  • Accident hitting of vehicle with obstacles leads to point deduction.
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